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Awesome Person Profile: David Saraiva

Updated Oct 3, 2018 (Originally Published Oct 3, 2018)
Matt Dubins

Name: David Saraiva

Tagline: How can I help you?

Title: Technically CFO, but I basically do a little bit of everything!

Company / Organization:

What are the best ways to show your coworkers/clients that you care about them?

Truly and authentically care. Easy to say, very difficult to do. Putting your client's needs ahead of your needs is almost impossible to fake, and this builds strong fiercely loyal client relationships that last.

It can be more difficult within your own organization, as depending on the culture of your there prioritizing helping others is often not rewarded. I'm really blessed to work somewhere that this isn't an issue.

How do you take care of yourself to ensure you're at your best every day?

Work-life balance is extremely important, and can be challenging when you business provides mission critical services to other organizations. It's really important to make sure you don't accumulate work-life balance debt.

So if an emergency comes up and you have to stay at your desk til Midnight, make sure you aren't starting work bright and early the next day. That debt needs to be paid back, or it will accumulate and sap your efficiency and effectiveness.

This goes double for any staff you are in charge of. Your team and the collective institutional experience they possess is one of your biggest assets, or should be. This needs to be protected and developed, not treated as a disposable resource.

What are you really good at on the job?

Big picture vision, and customer service. As a company, I've always had a big vision for what we could accomplish, and it's taken us a ton of hard work to get where we are today, none of which would have been possible without the talents of my business partner's and team. It's really rewarding to see the hard work we've put in begin to bear fruit.

On the service side, we've always viewed customers as one of the most valuable resources a business has. It's important to treat them as such. Nurture relationships and deal fairly. It's helped us cultivate an extremely loyal customer base over the years.

What does your company / organization do?

We offer an all-in-one software platform for non-profits. Data silos are the enemy of productivity and we aim to win the war. Donor Engine empowers non-profits organizations to drastically reduce the time they spend on data management, while improving their so they can spend more time on their organization's mission.

What advice would you give to a new regular coworker to help them succeed?

If you want to receive, you have to give first. Show up, provide value where you can, without expectation of return and do your best to help people. Never stop learning, the world changes so fast, we cannot afford to get stuck in the past anymore.

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