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Awesome Person Profile: Sandra Dunham

Updated Oct 19, 2018
Matt Dubins

Sandra Dunham
New perspectives for non-profits
Sole Proprietor
Company / Organization:
Streamline New Perspective Solutions
What are the best ways to show your coworkers/clients that you care about them?
Mostly I like to feed people.
Otherwise,  my caring is mostly about being respectful. I honor every commitment I make, reliably attend every meeting and appointment I book, get things done on time and give credit to the people who did the work and came up with the idea.
Also, I love to share a good joke.
How do you take care of yourself to ensure you're at your best every day?
I focus on finding time to socialize and exercise. Working from home can be isolating and working at a desk all day can be exhausting. I choose to work a longer day (and sometimes on the weekend) to ensure that I can take mid-day breaks to get some high intensity exercise and some social activity. I heard a millennial describe this as work-life integration, rather than the work-life balance we have historically strived for.
What are you really good at on the job?
I never lose sight of what we are trying to achieve. In the non-profit world, mission is critical. One struggle for folks in this world it that they care deeply and see the needs of many, making it difficult to say no. Unfortunately, this can lead to mission drift and result in doing nothing well because of doing too much. I have helped boards and staff to understand that by setting limiting short term goals so they can achieve expansive long term goals.
What does your company / organization do?
I provide management consulting and coaching to non-profit organizations. Specifically I assist with fund diversification; business processes, planning (strategic and annual) and short term executive staffing.
What advice would you give to a new regular coworker to help them succeed?
Make a personal mission statement. Decide what is important in your whole life, and then make day to day decisions based on that mission. Then, stop “shoulding” on yourself. When you hear yourself using the word “should” stop yourself. People tend to do what they can, when they can. Don’t be harder on yourself than you are on the rest of the world. Remind yourself of your mission and all of the things you did to achieve it.

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