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Awesome Person Profile: Sharron Batsch

Updated Oct 11, 2018
Matt Dubins

Sharron Batsch
That’s Amazing … How did they do that!
Company / Organization:
Batsch Group
What are the best ways to show your coworkers/clients that you care about them?
We thank them … both our clients and our co-workers. We give them Gold Stars for effort.
How do you take care of yourself to ensure you're at your best every day?
A good night sleep and quality time with my family.
What are you really good at on the job?
Thinking of ways to make work easier for our clients so they have time to do what makes them successful.  Introducing other businesses who do a great job to our clients.
What does your company / organization do?
Batsch Group Inc specializes in Donor Management Software and Data Management
What advice would you give to a new regular coworker to help them succeed?
Think HOW not Can’t!

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