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Matthew Dubins

Founder & Donor Scientist

Besides his wife and their two young daughters, nothing brings Matthew Dubins greater joy in life than making connections and helping charitable organizations realize their full potential. It’s been both his life’s work and his passion. That’s the inspiration he brings to work for Donor Science Consulting and yet his path to present has been anything but conventional.

At York University, on his way to his two degrees – a Bachelors’ in Psychology and Sociology and a Masters’ in Experimental Psychology, Matthew developed an interest in what motivates humans. Combined with scientific thinking and methodology, he discovered both a passion and mastery for data mining, which led him to work with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – a place he credits for introducing him to the interesting and instructive world of non-profit fundraising.

From there, Matthew went on to KCI as a consultant. The years he spent with KCI provided him with an invaluable foundation of where he is today. There he learned about meeting the needs of clients in terms of data discoveries and putting them into action.

More recently, Matthew has worked with Blakely and Cornerstone, honing his understanding and methods of employing data for the benefit of non-profits. Ready to spread his wings, Matthew proudly brings his experience and knowledge to work for Donor Science Consulting.

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