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Dive into Canadian charitable donor trends with this interactive visual dashboard

Updated Jul 30, 2018 (Originally Published Feb 15, 2018)
Matt Dubins

Yesterday, Statistics Canada released a very detailed data file giving the world a very detailed numerical picture of the ways in which Canadian charitable givers have changed over the years.  I couldn't wait to dig in.  Rather than leave it as a table of 25k records, I wanted to share with you an interactive dashboard that I think will help bring it to life!!

There are a couple of numerical measures that I want to bring your attention to before you dive into the dashboard:

1) Percent of taxfilers who donated.  This tells you what portion of folks of taxfiling age opted to donate, in any given geography.  The higher the number, the more popular donating was in that geography.  The lower, the less popular. 

2) Median Donation $ per $10k in Income.  This tells you how much people in the group were willing to donate, regardless of how much income they tended to earn on average.  Basically, it makes median donations more comparable despite variances in economy from year to year.

Without further ado, I hope you have fun:


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