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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Why is data so crucial to the success of my non-profit’s success?
A – Without utilizing the many data tools available, you’re stifling your organization’s ability to get the best return on investment. Whether it’s a direct mail piece, donor video, newsletter, email campaign or other collateral, without data, you’re hindering your campaign’s ability to accomplish its goals or meet its target. Donor Science Consulting gives you a competitive advantage that’s both effective and affordable.

Q – What if I can only afford one or two of your offerings?
A – Donor Science Consulting believes that your success is ours too. That’s why we’ll work with you, to tailor a program that fits your needs. We can start small and build from there. We’re here to help – and that’s exactly what we can do.

Q – How quick is the turnaround?
A – As with every campaign, it depends on the size and scope. Rest assured, though, Donor Science Consulting takes pride in meeting deadlines promptly and efficiently. It’s starts with a conversation and ends with mutual satisfaction. That’s our promise to you.

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