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UPDATED: Explore Canadian Trends in Charitable Giving with this Interactive Visual Dashboard

Updated Feb 9, 2019
Matt Dubins

Statistics Canada has just released their annual summary of charitable donors, containing information up to date as of the end of 2017.  I first made a dashboard last year to visualize this data, and so I wanted to update it with the most current data for your perusal!  You'll notice the same trends that were true last year have definitely been carried forward.  Donors are getting older, a smaller percent of people are reporting charitable giving on their taxes across all geographies, income has tended to increase. 

As with last year, I find it very interesting to look at the graphs relating to "Median Donation $ per $10k in Income by Year".  You can see that in many geographies, people tend to be donating increasingly more as a ratio of their income.  The only geographies where this does not appear to be true is Quebec as a province, and multiple cities within Quebec.

As before, here are some definitions of metrics that show up in the dashboard:

1) Percent of taxfilers who donated.  This tells you what portion of folks of taxfiling age opted to donate, in any given geography.  The higher the number, the more popular donating was in that geography.  The lower, the less popular. 

2) Median Donation $ per $10k in Income.  This tells you how much people in the group were willing to donate, regardless of how much income they tended to earn on average.  Basically, it makes median donations more comparable despite variances in economy from year to year.

Without further ado, I hope you have fun:


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