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Who are the most impactful Non-Profits in giving to other orgs?

Updated Sep 29, 2017
Matt Dubins

For today's post I thought I'd look at the data the 2015 T3010 has on the donation money given from one non-profit to another. In other words, who are the biggest influencers in the non-profit world?

This led me to plug the data into a network graph, as you can see below. The big red circles are the non-profits that are on record for giving to the largest number of other organizations. The tiny greyish dots are the non-profit orgs receiving the donations. The lines between the two are just to show you that the two are connected through a donation transaction.

As you can see, CanadaHelps leads the pack in terms of sheer number of recipient organizations. They gave to an eye popping 17,101 other orgs!! The next up is United Way of Greater Toronto, who gave to a less eye popping total of 7,030 other organizations. The nice thing about this graph is that you can see the non-profits who benefit from more than one organization, like the cloud that sits between CanadaHelps and United Way of Greater Toronto.

Way to go, these are some very impactful organizations!!

Source: 2015 T3010 Charity Tax Return - Gifts data

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