Fundraising in the Age of Big Data

The world of fundraising has changed dramatically. There is no such thing as a level playing field. The emergence of metrics has caused an unimaginable shift. Today data rules, but the truth is, data costs. Now it seems only the larger non-profit players can afford the heavy cost of benefitting from their data, while the small to mid-size organizations are being squeezed out.

They’re forced to gamble on incomplete and often inaccurate donor information for their campaigns – cutting corners and ultimately failing to meet their fundraising goals.

The numbers say it all. Today, approximately 70 per cent of Canadian charities are struggling to compete, because their fundraising and operational costs are outstripping the campaign dollars raised. Now it’s survival of the fittest – where the charity with the most resources has the greatest advantage. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Donor Science Consulting offers an alternative for small to mid-size charities. We provide tailor-made analytics that are both effective and affordable – giving your campaigns the best chance possible. Yes, there is a science to successful fundraising, and we want to share ours with you.

Donor Science Consulting puts donor insights into action to help your non-profit succeed.

Put the power of metrics to work for you.

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Services Offered

DonorFocus Model Scoring

We both know that not everyone who you solicit is going to donate. The more unlikely responders you solicit, the more money you waste. That's why you should use DonorFocus, an easy to use web app that helps you zero in on those donors most likely to renew, reactivate, and even upgrade their giving to your charity next year!

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Direct Mail ROI

When it comes to connecting with your target audience, why waste time simply sending out direct mail pieces without a real plan? It’s like trying to hit the bullseye when you’re blindfolded. Using a process known as ‘predictive modelling’, Donor Science Consulting refines raw donor data to construct a clear picture of who your best donors are...

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Donor Surveys

Today’s questions yield tomorrow’s donors. Donor Science Consulting knows this and believes in being bold and taking chances. That’s why donor surveys are often a favourable option for non-profits searching for new ideas and ways to connect with those that hold the key to their financial future...

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Address Validation

Is your charity wasting money sending direct mail to donors with incorrect addresses on file? Reduce waste, save time and money through address validation! Clean your donor addresses before you waste another dollar...

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Database Audit

Does your donor database need a check-up of its vital signs? A proper fundraising analytics audit will give you a much more realistic picture of your charity's health than you ever thought possible. Bring your database into a new light and help you more realistically manage your own budget and expectations...

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"We were so grateful to work with Matthew on our project. We were wrestling with how to visualize complex charitable data for our constituents and he tackled the challenge with passion and enthusiasm. He was responsive to all of our questions and helped us get the kinds of reports and visualizations we needed. We so value his passion for the charitable sector and helping it get the data it needs to make better decisions."

Testimonial from Laura Horwitz, Co-Founder and Executive Director of We Stories
Tim Day
City Movement Canada

"Your approach was a perfect fit. You understood that for a new and fast-growing organization like ours, what we most needed was an understanding of what sets our top donors apart from the rest of our contacts, and how to identify hidden gems within our donor base, folks with high potential to give that we haven't successfully engaged as of yet. The data you provided back to We Stories will enable us to segment our donor outreach efforts and effectively and judiciously use our highest touch strategies for the relationship most likely to grow with us. This is SO important given that we are a team of 2 with a donor base of 400 (and growing!)."

Testimonial from Laura Horwitz, Co-Founder and Executive Director of We Stories
Laura Horwitz
Co-Founder and Executive Director
We Stories

"Working with Matthew was extremely helpful for us at U for Change. His work deepened our understanding as an organization with respect to our demographics and created a spark of new and exciting possibilities for us. Our process together lead to a richer comprehension as to value we bring to our communities matched with a razor sharp focus of the market demand and its unique characteristics. Matthew is wonderful to work with and goes above and beyond the call, bringing his corporate experience with a heartfelt approach to the work. All of us at U for Change look forward to continuing to work together for years to come!"

Testimonial from Chalo Hancock, Executive Director, UforChange
Chalo Hancock
Co-Founder & Executive Director
U for Change

“We were pleased to have Matthew working with us, applying a predictive modelling concept to our donor data. He provided several very helpful insights that will help us to focus our messaging for what we are sure will lead to greater fundraising success with specific segments of our data base. Matthew was a pleasure to work with, delivering his report on time, and explaining his findings very clearly. We’re looking forward to testing the model with our direct mail program."

Testimonial from Chalo Hancock, Executive Director, UforChange
Isla Horvath
Executive Director and CEO
Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation